Welcome to SSPW


Welcome all members to the 2017-18 swim season and an especially warm SSPW Club welcome to all new members.

As a parent member of SSPW over the past few years I have seen the strong level of commitment our swim team has in the sport of swimming. This coupled with the strong community focus our Club members (including parents), coaches and volunteer Committee continue to have throughout the year at various Club events and behind the scenes helps make SSPW the strong and vibrant Club it is today.

On a personal note, our family has two swimmer members at the Club, both who I am proud to say have been part of their respective State Swimming championship age groups over the years. The comradery that the Club brings to every meet attended is something to behold and the friendships team members develop over the years is amazing as a parent to watch. This comradery can also be heard in the stands, especially when SSPW swimmers achieve personal best times throughout the season.

I started volunteering with the Club as a nervous time keeping parent on Saturday mornings worried about which button to press on the stop watch at the finish of every race (only one it appears), and later progressing to a volunteer Committee member role. In 2016-17 I was asked to be the starter at several Club events – and whilst I am not a Swimming WA official like a few of our dedicated parent members, I truly welcomed the experience this presented. This wider parent involvement is why I have committed to the President’s role in 2017-18 to be a part of the overall SSPW team dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable, supportive and competitive environment where swimmers of all levels are encouraged and welcomed. Every team member truly matters within the SSPW community.

The 2017-18 Committee is committed to ensuring a fun and enjoyable season ahead wishing every competitive success to all swimmers. We truly welcome parent participation, feedback and input into the overall initiatives of the Club and believe that without ongoing constructive communication our Club will not continue to grow into the future. Feedback can be provided to any of our Committee members and I certainly welcome feedback at SSPW_President@outlook.com.

Roll on the 2017-18 swimming season and let us all enjoy what is shaping up to be another great season for the Club and most importantly our swimmers.


Grant Shillington

SSPW President


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